Public Speaking

From time to time, I am lucky enough to share some thoughts, knowledge and demos. Rather online or public speaking, below you can find those.

Ep 110 - When the Dream Job Arrives but the Dream Changed - Pivoting in Careers with Lior Kamrat (DiscoPosse Podcast)

EDU7514E - Preparing for Your VCDX: What You Need to Know (VMworld 2018)

Meet Lior Kamrat (vBrownBag @ VMworld 2018)

WIN3048BU - What’s New with Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure (VMworld 2018)

Infrastructure as Code with Lior Kamrat (vBrownBag)

vExpert Daily hosted by Michael Letschin with Wouter Kursten, Pascal van de Bor, Lior Kamrat (VMworld 2017)

Adventures in Infrastructure Design - 01 - The VCDX Defence (ElasticSkyUK)