git commit -m “new role v2.0”

12 Dec 2019 by Lior Kamrat

Since joining Microsoft R&D around 2yrs ago, I had a chance to learn, experience and understand how Azure really works. From the process, APIs, control planes, hardware and fleet management and whatnot. Now, it’s time for a change…

Almost a year ago I joined Azure Office of the CTO where this experience grew and became even more where I was more and more exposed to the developers and open-source communities, applications design patterns, working with almost every product group in Azure and understand what’s (literary) behind the curtain when it comes to Microsoft events and creating highly visible decks and demos.

I enjoyed the past two years but as I will be closing on my fourth year at Microsoft next month, I felt it is time for me to get back to my core – solutions architecture and design.

Starting next week I will be joining Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) as a Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect (CSA) specializing in Open Source related solutions. I will be working with our partners and ISVs and will do my best to make them successful with Azure. I started as a CSA in Israel and looking forward to the v2.0 of this role.

Microsoft has grown so much in this space and I cannot wait to continue growing with the company and be more involved in the OSS community.

I am pumped and looking forward to this challenge as well as getting to know my new team members, rock n’ roll.

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