Azure Arc, k8s, GitOps, Terraform and Vegetables

01 Jun 2020 by Lior Kamrat

Last April, as part of “TIBCO OSS Community Day”, I had the pleasure of demoing the integration between Azure Arc for Kubernetes with it’s GitOps embedded capabilities while performing automated bootstrapping of different flavors of Kubernetes.

First, this is a good opportunity to say Thank you to the good people from TIBCO. I really appreciate the invite and the opportunity to kickoff the demos part of this event. The organization was smooth and everything worked as expected.

As for the demo, it was a fun one to prepare and execute on. I really wanted to try to touch on as many OSS projects and platforms in order to give people the feeling of “hey this is kinda what I have in my environment” - hopefully, I did a good job at it.

As you can from the demo architecture below, the demo included both k8s and k3s on top of Raspberry Pi and VMware respectively, provisioned with Terraform, k3sup, kubeadm (as part of my own personal ARMadillo project). In this demo, all roads were leading towards a full GitOps flow (using FluxCD) deployed via Azure Arc integration, showing how the same Kubernetes application is deployed on both ARM64 (the Pi’s) and x86 (VMware+k3s) without any code change.


Enjoy it and please share your feedback!

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