Who I am?

My Name is Lior Kamrat, and I am Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect, part of One Commercial Partner (OCP) group at Microsoft, Redmond, WA.

Mostly, I am focusing on open-source related projects, app models, Kubernetes, automation, dev pipelines and enterprise-grade Azure architecture.

Prior joining OCP, I was a TA (Technical Assistant) in the Azure office of the CTO, working with the various product groups, trying to help Azure customers to kick-ass in the cloud, work on Cloud-Native applications and edge computing.

In addition, I was also the technical product manager for everything that is “VMware in Azure” including VMware Horizon Cloud and NSX Cloud as well as spending a couple of years as an Azure Cloud Solutions Architect (CSA) in Israel.

I have a great passion for all that is written in code, automation, Kubernetes and containers, CI/CD, open-source products and general DevOps culture. I also like taking unsupported architectures and make them work 🙂

The things I’m writing about are the stuff that I discover on my day2day. I like producing deep-dive posts and guides, discover cool troubleshooting process, come up with theoretical ideas and design concepts, certifications, new cool products and much more.

Before joining Microsoft, I worked at VMware Professional Service Organization (PSO), where I specialized in operations management and private cloud projects while using the entire VMware SDDC stack.

I am a double VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX #230) for both Cloud Management & Automation (CMA) and Datacenter Virtualization (DCV) as well as a VMware vExpert for several years now.

I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I like writing it!


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