Project “ARMadillo”


Again, after a long break, I found the time to continue the k8s on Raspberry Pi project. Finally, I am happy to release the GitHub repository for this pet project – “ARMadillo”.

Going back to the original motivation, ARMadillo started as a way to automate a k8s deployment on top of Raspberry Pi. After wondering around a lot of blog posts and repo’s, I noticed there was no proper documentation of deploying a multi-master, HA, kubernetes cluster.   

This project has a long way to go with more automation, storage stack, some Azure integrations I am working on, etc.

I am well aware of other projects out there such as Rancher k3s which I like a lot. This is just my interpretation for k8s deployment on Pi’s while learning a thing or two (or 14 :-)) along the way. 

I really hope you will find it useful and fun, I sure did!


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