New role, new blog, new year, a fresh start


Hey peeps, long time no speak. Well, 2018 was kinda hectic with this all relocation thing to the US but I am expecting 2019 to be much more blog productive (and work for that matter). 

First thing first, as you can see, you are now in the land of the walking devs :-). The place where I will try to use as a new beginning and self-branding for myself and my blogging career. 

Why New blog you might ask?! Well, I kinda felt that my old blog, can no longer reflect the things I want to write about and the technology stack I will be focusing on next. 

I started that blog back in 2012 in the prime of my VMware days. It helped me a lot throughout my career in terms of getting more involved in the vCommunity, pass my VCDX, meet great people and making some money for investing in the home lab via sponsors and ads. 

I feel that my VMware days are certainly not over but definitely taking a back seat as my career shifted throughout the past 6 years and since I started the old blog.

The new things which I plan to write about will focus more on open source solutions, Kubernetes and containers, automation, CI/CD pipelines and general DevOps concepts and products and hopefully, I will be able to throw some IoT related stuff in there as well. 
Which brings me to my new role which will give me the platform to be exposed to new technologies and solutions. 

When I moved to the US I took the role of the technical product owner for everything that is “VMware in Azure” like Horizon Cloud and NSX Cloud as well as the things that are yet to come. I had fun in the past year doing this role but I felt that the next phase for me should be different and more hands-on, something that I miss a lot!

With that, I am excited to share with you that on February 1st I will be joining the office of Azure CTO as what we here in Microsoft calls “Technical Assistant”.

I am stoked by the fact that I will be “hands-on” again, create demos, work on incubation projects, will write code again, work with a lot of new Azure product groups and will be forced to get outside of my comfort zone. Basically, everything that this role will throw at me will challenge me. I can’t wait to see what challenges it brings and which goodies I am about to find.

I am humbled, excited and thankful for the opportunity and privilege to work for Mark Russinovich team alongside Haishi Bai and my good friend Yaron Schneider. The amount of potential exposure to Microsoft and our industry in this role makes me so happy. 

I hope you will enjoy this new blog and it’s content. I am ready to get back to work. 

Happy new year!



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